Monday, October 15, 2012

Marcel P. Black Releases His First Full Length Album Titled "iLuv H.E.R. Too"

Baton Rouge, LA representative, Marcel P. Black brings reality back to the hood with his iLuv H.E.R. Too album.

Listen and Download iLuv H.E.R. Too here
Misconception: Every person that grew up in the hood does not succumb to it, does not conceal a weapon and does not sell some type of drug.

Perhaps some just want their voices to be heard.

Take Marcel P. Black. The Baton Rouge, LA representative and Ardmore, OK native has been on a mission to give people the facts on what is really going on in our urban communities without peppering his music with gunplay and fallacies.

Released on 9/11, iLuv H.E.R. Too is an ode to Hip Hop when Pimp C and Bun B freshly crowned themselves Underground Kings, when a young Shawn Carter would give the world a Reasonable Doubt, and when Outkast proclaimed "Bombs Over Baghdad".

Marcel P. Black is a very skilled lyricist. On songs like "Something 2 Say", "What They Do" and "Respect My Mind" Black owns the mic.  He also shares the spotlight with a number of other great rhymespitters on iLuv H.E.R. Too. The album's lead track "1Luv: Revisited" featuring James Jackson, A.R. and Truth Universal is nice both lyrically and musically. The entire album is laced with production from Chicago's J-Filly.

With a multifaceted resume as an emcee, writer, activist, youth development worker and more, Marcel P. Black continues to deliver on his promise to provide an alternative to the corporate brand of Hip Hop. Black's independent grind has led to show performances and more throughout the South. One thing is for sure though...his music is universal. SW

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